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Amos 8:11-12

11-12"Oh yes, Judgment Day is coming!"

These are the words of my Master God.

"I'll send a famine through the whole country.

It won't be food or water that's lacking, but my Word.

People will drift from one end of the country to the other,

roam to the north, wander to the east.

They'll go anywhere, listen to anyone,

hoping to hear God's Word—but they won't hear it.

13-14"On Judgment Day,

lovely young girls will faint of Word-thirst,

robust young men will faint of God-thirst,

Along with those who take oaths at the Samaria Sin-and-Sex Center,

saying, 'As the lord god of Dan is my witness!'

and 'The lady goddess of Beer-sheba bless you!'

Their lives will fall to pieces.

They'll never put it together again."