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Amos 8:7-8

7-8God swears against the arrogance of Jacob:

"I'm keeping track of their every last sin."

God's oath will shake earth's foundations,

dissolve the whole world into tears.

God's oath will sweep in like a river that rises,

flooding houses and lands,

And then recedes,

leaving behind a sea of mud.

9-10"On Judgment Day, watch out!"

These are the words of God, my Master.

"I'll turn off the sun at noon.

In the middle of the day the earth will go black.

I'll turn your parties into funerals

and make every song you sing a dirge.

Everyone will walk around in rags,

with sunken eyes and bald heads.

Think of the worst that could happen

—your only son, say, murdered.

That's a hint of Judgment Day

—that and much more.