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Daniel 8:23-26

23-26"'As their kingdoms cool down

and rebellions heat up,

A king will show up,

hard-faced, a master trickster.

His power will swell enormously.

He'll talk big, high-handedly,

Doing whatever he pleases,

knocking off heroes and holy ones left and right.

He'll plot and scheme to make crime flourish—

and oh, how it will flourish!

He'll think he's invincible

and get rid of anyone who gets in his way.

But when he takes on the Prince of all princes,

he'll be smashed to bits—

but not by human hands.

This vision of the 2,300 sacrifices, evening and morning,

is accurate but confidential.

Keep it to yourself.

It refers to the far future.'

27"I, Daniel, walked around in a daze, unwell for days. Then I got a grip on myself and went back to work taking care of the king's affairs. But I continued to be upset by the vision. I couldn't make sense of it."