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Ezekiel 18:14-17

14-17"Now look: Suppose that this child has a child who sees all the sins done by his parent. The child sees them, but doesn't follow in the parent's footsteps—

doesn't eat at the pagan shrines,

doesn't worship the popular idols of Israel,

doesn't seduce his neighbor's spouse,

doesn't bully anyone,

doesn't refuse to loan money,

doesn't steal,

doesn't refuse food to the hungry,

doesn't refuse to give clothes to the ill-clad,

doesn't live by impulse and greed,

doesn't exploit the poor.

He does what I say;

he performs my laws and lives by my statutes.

17-18"This person will not die for the sins of the parent; he will live truly and well. But the parent will die for what the parent did, for the sins of—

oppressing the weak,

robbing brothers and sisters,

doing what is dead wrong in the community.