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Ezekiel 24:7-8

7-8"'The blood from murders

has stained the whole city;

Blood runs bold on the street stones,

with no one bothering to wash it off—

Blood out in the open to public view

to provoke my wrath,

to trigger my vengeance.

9-12"'Therefore, this is what God, the Master, says:

"'Doom to the city of murder!

I, too, will pile on the wood.

Stack the wood high,

light the match,

Cook the meat, spice it well, pour out the broth,

and then burn the bones.

Then I'll set the empty pot on the coals

and heat it red-hot so the bronze glows,

So the germs are killed

and the corruption is burned off.

But it's hopeless. It's too far gone.

The filth is too thick.