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Ezekiel 26:1-2

As the Waves of the Sea, Surging Against the Shore

1-2In the eleventh year, on the first day of the month, God's Message came to me: "Son of man, Tyre cheered when they got the news of Jerusalem, exclaiming,

"'Good! The gateway city is smashed!

Now all her business comes my way.

She's in ruins

and I'm in clover.'

3-6"Therefore, God, the Master, has this to say:

"'I'm against you, Tyre,

and I'll bring many nations surging against you,

as the waves of the sea surging against the shore.

They'll smash the city walls of Tyre

and break down her towers.

I'll wash away the soil

and leave nothing but bare rock.

She'll be an island of bare rock in the ocean,

good for nothing but drying fishnets.

Yes, I've said so.' Decree of God, the Master.

'She'll be loot, free pickings for the nations!

Her surrounding villages will be butchered.

Then they'll realize that I am God.'