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Ezekiel 32:11-15

To Lay Your Pride Low

11-15"'God, the Master, says:

"'The sword of the king of Babylon

is coming against you.

I'll use the swords of champions

to lay your pride low,

Use the most brutal of nations

to knock Egypt off her high horse,

to puncture that hot-air pomposity.

I'll destroy all their livestock

that graze along the river.

Neither human foot nor animal hoof

will muddy those waters anymore.

I'll clear their springs and streams,

make their rivers flow clean and smooth.

Decree of God, the Master.

When I turn Egypt back to the wild

and strip her clean of all her abundant produce,

When I strike dead all who live there,

then they'll realize that I am God.'

16"This is a funeral song. Chant it.

Daughters of the nations, chant it.

Chant it over Egypt for the death of its pomp."

Decree of God, the Master.