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Hosea 1:4-5

4-5Then God told him:

"Name him Jezreel. It won't be long now before

I'll make the people of Israel pay for the massacre at Jezreel.

I'm calling it quits on the kingdom of Israel.

Payday is coming! I'm going to chop Israel's bows and arrows

into kindling in the valley of Jezreel."

6-7Gomer got pregnant again. This time she had a daughter. God told Hosea:

"Name this one No-Mercy. I'm fed up with Israel.

I've run out of mercy. There's no more forgiveness.

Judah's another story. I'll continue having mercy on them.

I'll save them. It will be their God who saves them,

Not their armaments and armies,

not their horsepower and manpower."