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Hosea 10:5-6

5-6The people of Samaria travel over to Crime City

to worship the golden calf-god.

They go all out, prancing and hollering,

taken in by their showmen priests.

They act so important around the calf-god,

but are oblivious to the sham, the shame.

They have plans to take it to Assyria,

present it as a gift to the great king.

And so Ephraim makes a fool of himself,

disgraces Israel with his stupid idols.

7-8Samaria is history. Its king

is a dead branch floating down the river.

Israel's favorite sin centers

will all be torn down.

Thistles and crabgrass

will decorate their ruined altars.

Then they'll say to the mountains, "Bury us!"

and to the hills, "Fall on us!"