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Isaiah 10:27-32

27-32Assyria's on the move: up from Rimmon,

on to Aiath,

through Migron,

with a bivouac at Micmash.

They've crossed the pass,

set camp at Geba for the night.

Ramah trembles with fright.

Gibeah of Saul has run off.

Cry for help, daughter of Gallim!

Listen to her, Laishah!

Do something, Anathoth!

Madmenah takes to the hills.

The people of Gebim flee in panic.

The enemy's soon at Nob—nearly there!

In sight of the city he shakes his fist

At the mount of dear daughter Zion,

the hill of Jerusalem.

33-34But now watch this: The Master, God-of-the-Angel-Armies,

swings his ax and lops the branches,

Chops down the giant trees,

lays flat the towering forest-on-the-march.

His ax will make toothpicks of that forest,

that Lebanon-like army reduced to kindling.