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Isaiah 21:1-4

The Betrayer Betrayed

1-4A Message concerning the desert at the sea: As tempests drive through the Negev Desert,

coming out of the desert, that terror-filled place,

A hard vision is given me:

The betrayer betrayed, the plunderer plundered.

Attack, Elam!

Lay siege, Media!

Persians, attack!

Attack, Babylon!

I'll put an end to

all the moaning and groaning.

Because of this news I'm doubled up in pain,

writhing in pain like a woman having a baby,

Baffled by what I hear,

undone by what I see.

Absolutely stunned,


I had hoped for a relaxed evening,

but it has turned into a nightmare.

5The banquet is spread,

the guests reclining in luxurious ease,

Eating and drinking, having a good time,

and then, "To arms, princes! The fight is on!"