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Isaiah 26:11-15

11-15You hold your hand up high, God,

but they don't see it.

Open their eyes to what you do,

to see your zealous love for your people.

Shame them. Light a fire under them.

Get the attention of these enemies of yours.

God, order a peaceful and whole life for us

because everything we've done, you've done for us.

O God, our God, we've had other masters rule us,

but you're the only Master we've ever known.

The dead don't talk,

ghosts don't walk,

Because you've said, "Enough—that's all for you,"

and wiped them off the books.

But the living you make larger than life.

The more life you give, the more glory you display,

and stretch the borders to accommodate more living!

16-18O God, they begged you for help when they were in trouble,

when your discipline was so heavy

they could barely whisper a prayer.

Like a woman having a baby,

writhing in distress, screaming her pain

as the baby is being born,

That's how we were because of you, O God.

We were pregnant full-term.

We writhed in labor but bore no baby.

We gave birth to wind.

Nothing came of our labor.

We produced nothing living.

We couldn't save the world.