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Isaiah 3:16-17

16-17God says, "Zion women are stuck-up,

prancing around in their high heels,

Making eyes at all the men in the street,

swinging their hips,

Tossing their hair,

gaudy and garish in cheap jewelry."

The Master will fix it so those Zion women

will all turn bald—

Scabby, bald-headed women.

The Master will do it.

18-23The time is coming when the Master will strip them of their fancy baubles—the dangling earrings, anklets and bracelets, combs and mirrors and silk scarves, diamond brooches and pearl necklaces, the rings on their fingers and the rings on their toes, the latest fashions in hats, exotic perfumes and aphrodisiacs, gowns and capes, all the world's finest in fabrics and design.