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Isaiah 34:8-15

8-15It's God's scheduled time for vengeance,

the year all Zion's accounts are settled.

Edom's streams will flow sluggish, thick with pollution,

the soil sterile, poisoned with waste,

The whole country

a smoking, stinking garbage dump—

The fires burning day and night,

the skies black with endless smoke.

Generation after generation of wasteland—

no more travelers through this country!

Vultures and skunks will police the streets;

owls and crows will feel at home there.

God will reverse creation. Chaos!

He will cancel fertility. Emptiness!

Leaders will have no one to lead.

They'll name it No Kingdom There,

A country where all kings

and princes are unemployed.

Thistles will take over, covering the castles,

fortresses conquered by weeds and thornbushes.

Wild dogs will prowl the ruins,

ostriches have the run of the place.

Wildcats and hyenas will hunt together,

demons and devils dance through the night.

The night-demon Lilith, evil and rapacious,

will establish permanent quarters.

Scavenging carrion birds will breed and brood,

infestations of ominous evil.

16-17Get and read God's book:

None of this is going away,

this breeding, brooding evil.

God has personally commanded it all.

His Spirit set it in motion.

God has assigned them their place,

decreed their fate in detail.

This is permanent—

generation after generation, the same old thing.