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Isaiah 37:21-25

21-25Then Isaiah son of Amoz sent this word to Hezekiah: "God's Message, the God of Israel: Because you brought King Sennacherib of Assyria to me in prayer, here is my answer, God's answer:

"'She has no use for you, Sennacherib, nothing but contempt,

this virgin daughter Zion.

She spits at you and turns on her heel,

this daughter Jerusalem.

"'Who do you think you've been mocking and reviling

all these years?

Who do you think you've been jeering

and treating with such utter contempt

All these years?

The Holy of Israel!

You've used your servants to mock the Master.

You've bragged, "With my fleet of chariots

I've gone to the highest mountain ranges,

penetrated the far reaches of Lebanon,

Chopped down its giant cedars,

its finest cypresses.

I conquered its highest peak,

explored its deepest forest.

I dug wells

and drank my fill.

I emptied the famous rivers of Egypt

with one kick of my foot.

26-27"'Haven't you gotten the news

that I've been behind this all along?

This is a longstanding plan of mine

and I'm just now making it happen,

using you to devastate strong cities,

turning them into piles of rubble

and leaving their citizens helpless,

bewildered, and confused,

drooping like unwatered plants,

stunted like withered seedlings.