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Isaiah 48:16-19

Your Progeny, Like Grains of Sand

16-19And now, the Master, God, sends me and his Spirit

with this Message from God,

your Redeemer, The Holy of Israel:

"I am God, your God,

who teaches you how to live right and well.

I show you what to do, where to go.

If you had listened all along to what I told you,

your life would have flowed full like a river,

blessings rolling in like waves from the sea.

Children and grandchildren are like sand,

your progeny like grains of sand.

There would be no end of them,

no danger of losing touch with me."

20Get out of Babylon! Run from the Babylonians!

Shout the news. Broadcast it.

Let the world know, the whole world.

Tell them, "God redeemed his dear servant Jacob!"