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Isaiah 49:8-12

8-12God also says:

"When the time's ripe, I answer you.

When victory's due, I help you.

I form you and use you

to reconnect the people with me,

To put the land in order,

to resettle families on the ruined properties.

I tell prisoners, 'Come on out. You're free!'

and those huddled in fear, 'It's all right. It's safe now.'

There'll be foodstands along all the roads,

picnics on all the hills—

Nobody hungry, nobody thirsty,

shade from the sun, shelter from the wind,

For the Compassionate One guides them,

takes them to the best springs.

I'll make all my mountains into roads,

turn them into a superhighway.

Look: These coming from far countries,

and those, out of the north,

These streaming in from the west,

and those from all the way down the Nile!"

13Heavens, raise the roof! Earth, wake the dead!

Mountains, send up cheers!

God has comforted his people.

He has tenderly nursed his beaten-up, beaten-down people.