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Isaiah 66:1-2

Living Worship to God

1-2God's Message: "Heaven's my throne,

earth is my footstool.

What sort of house could you build for me?

What holiday spot reserve for me?

I made all this! I own all this!"

God's Decree.

"But there is something I'm looking for:

a person simple and plain,

reverently responsive to what I say.

3-4"Your acts of worship

are acts of sin:

Your sacrificial slaughter of the ox

is no different from murdering the neighbor;

Your offerings for worship,

no different from dumping pig's blood on the altar;

Your presentation of memorial gifts,

no different from honoring a no-god idol.

You choose self-serving worship,

you delight in self-centered worship—disgusting!

Well, I choose to expose your nonsense

and let you realize your worst fears,

Because when I invited you, you ignored me;

when I spoke to you, you brushed me off.

You did the very things I exposed as evil,

you chose what I hate."