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Jeremiah 10:11-15

11-15"Tell them this, 'The stick gods

who made nothing, neither sky nor earth,

Will come to nothing

on the earth and under the sky.'"

But it is God whose power made the earth,

whose wisdom gave shape to the world,

who crafted the cosmos.

He thunders, and rain pours down.

He sends the clouds soaring.

He embellishes the storm with lightnings,

launches wind from his warehouse.

Stick-god worshipers looking mighty foolish,

god-makers embarrassed by their handmade gods!

Their gods are frauds—dead sticks,

deadwood gods, tasteless jokes.

When the fires of judgment come, they'll be ashes.

16But the Portion-of-Jacob is the real thing.

He put the whole universe together

And pays special attention to Israel.

His name? God-of-the-Angel-Armies!