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Jeremiah 10:6-9

6-9All this is nothing compared to you, O God.

You're wondrously great, famously great.

Who can fail to be impressed by you, King of the nations?

It's your very nature to be worshiped!

Look far and wide among the elite of the nations.

The best they can come up with is nothing compared to you.

Stupidly, they line them up—a lineup of sticks,

good for nothing but making smoke.

Gilded with silver foil from Tarshish,

covered with gold from Uphaz,

Hung with violet and purple fabrics—

no matter how fancy the sticks, they're still sticks.

10But God is the real thing—

the living God, the eternal King.

When he's angry, Earth shakes.

Yes, and the godless nations quake.