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Jeremiah 2:1-3

Israel Was God's Holy Choice

1-3God's Message came to me. It went like this: "Get out in the streets and call to Jerusalem,

'God's Message!

I remember your youthful loyalty,

our love as newlyweds.

You stayed with me through the wilderness years,

stuck with me through all the hard places.

Israel was God's holy choice,

the pick of the crop.

Anyone who laid a hand on her

would soon wish he hadn't!'"

God's Decree.

4-6Hear God's Message, House of Jacob!

Yes, you—House of Israel!

God's Message: "What did your ancestors find fault with in me

that they drifted so far from me,

Took up with Sir Windbag

and turned into windbags themselves?

It never occurred to them to say, 'Where's God,

the God who got us out of Egypt,

Who took care of us through thick and thin, those rough-and-tumble

wilderness years of parched deserts and death valleys,

A land that no one who enters comes out of,

a cruel, inhospitable land?'