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Jeremiah 23:10-12

10-12Now for what God says regarding the lying prophets:

"Can you believe it? A country teeming with adulterers!

faithless, promiscuous idolater-adulterers!

They're a curse on the land.

The land's a wasteland.

Their unfaithfulness

is turning the country into a cesspool,

Prophets and priests devoted to desecration.

They have nothing to do with me as their God.

My very own Temple, mind you—

mud-spattered with their crimes." God's Decree.

"But they won't get by with it.

They'll find themselves on a slippery slope,

Careening into the darkness,

somersaulting into the pitch-black dark.

I'll make them pay for their crimes.

It will be the Year of Doom." God's Decree.

13-14"Over in Samaria I saw prophets

acting like silly fools—shocking!

They preached using that no-god Baal for a text,

messing with the minds of my people.

And the Jerusalem prophets are even worse—horrible!—

sex-driven, living a lie,

Subsidizing a culture of wickedness,

and never giving it a second thought.

They're as bad as those wretches in old Sodom,

the degenerates of old Gomorrah."