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Jeremiah 4:3-4

3-4Here's another Message from God

to the people of Judah and Jerusalem:

"Plow your unplowed fields,

but then don't plant weeds in the soil!

Yes, circumcise your lives for God's sake.

Plow your unplowed hearts,

all you people of Judah and Jerusalem.

Prevent fire—the fire of my anger—

for once it starts it can't be put out.

Your wicked ways

are fuel for the fire.

God's Sledgehammer Anger

5-8"Sound the alarm in Judah,

broadcast the news in Jerusalem.

Say, 'Blow the ram's horn trumpet through the land!'

Shout out—a bullhorn bellow!—

'Close ranks!

Run for your lives to the shelters!'

Send up a flare warning Zion:

'Not a minute to lose! Don't sit on your hands!'

Disaster's descending from the north. I set it off!

When it lands, it will shake the foundations.

Invaders have pounced like a lion from its cover,

ready to rip nations to shreds,

Leaving your land in wrack and ruin,

your cities in rubble, abandoned.

Dress in funereal black.

Weep and wail,

For God's sledgehammer anger

has slammed into us head-on.