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Jeremiah 49:7-11

Strutting Across the Stage of History

7-11The Message of God-of-the-Angel-Armies on Edom:

"Is there nobody wise left in famous Teman?

no one with a sense of reality?

Has their wisdom gone wormy and rotten?

Run for your lives! Get out while you can!

Find a good place to hide,

you who live in Dedan!

I'm bringing doom to Esau.

It's time to settle accounts.

When harvesters work your fields,

don't they leave gleanings?

When burglars break into your house,

don't they take only what they want?

But I'll strip Esau clean.

I'll search out every nook and cranny.

I'll destroy everything connected with him,

children and relatives and neighbors.

There'll be no one left who will be able to say,

'I'll take care of your orphans.

Your widows can depend on me.'"

12-13Indeed. God says, "I tell you, if there are people who have to drink the cup of God's wrath even though they don't deserve it, why would you think you'd get off? You won't get off. You'll drink it. Oh yes, you'll drink every drop. And as for Bozrah, your capital, I swear by all that I am"—God's Decree—"that that city will end up a pile of charred ruins, a stinking garbage dump, an obscenity—and all her daughter-cities with her."