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Jeremiah 51:38-40

38-40"The Babylonians will be like lions and their cubs,

ravenous, roaring for food.

I'll fix them a meal, all right—a banquet, in fact.

They'll drink themselves falling-down drunk.

Dead drunk, they'll sleep—and sleep, and sleep...

and they'll never wake up." God's Decree.

"I'll haul these 'lions' off to the slaughterhouse

like the lambs, rams, and goats,

never to be heard of again.

41-48"Babylon is finished—

the pride of the whole earth is flat on her face.

What a comedown for Babylon,

to end up inglorious in the sewer!

Babylon drowned in chaos,

battered by waves of enemy soldiers.

Her towns stink with decay and rot,

the land empty and bare and sterile.

No one lives in these towns anymore.

Travelers give them a wide berth.

I'll bring doom on the glutton god-Bel in Babylon.

I'll make him vomit up all he gulped down.

No more visitors stream into this place,

admiring and gawking at the wonders of Babylon.

The wonders of Babylon are no more.

Run for your lives, my dear people!

Run, and don't look back!

Get out of this place while you can,

this place torched by God's raging anger.

Don't lose hope. Don't ever give up

when the rumors pour in hot and heavy.

One year it's this, the next year it's that—

rumors of violence, rumors of war.

Trust me, the time is coming

when I'll put the no-gods of Babylon in their place.

I'll show up the whole country as a sickening fraud,

with dead bodies strewn all over the place.

Heaven and earth, angels and people,

will throw a victory party over Babylon

When the avenging armies from the north

descend on her." God's Decree!