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Jeremiah 8:14-16

14-16So why are we sitting here, doing nothing?

Let's get organized.

Let's go to the big city

and at least die fighting.

We've gotten God's ultimatum:

We're damned if we do and damned if we don't—

damned because of our sin against him.

We hoped things would turn out for the best,

but it didn't happen that way.

We were waiting around for healing—

and terror showed up!

From Dan at the northern borders

we hear the hooves of horses,

Horses galloping, horses neighing.

The ground shudders and quakes.

They're going to swallow up the whole country.

Towns and people alike—fodder for war.

17"'What's more, I'm dispatching

poisonous snakes among you,

Snakes that can't be charmed,

snakes that will bite you and kill you.'"

God's Decree!