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Jeremiah 9:17-19

A Life That Is All Outside but No Inside

17-19A Message from God-of-the-Angel-Armies:

"Look over the trouble we're in and call for help.

Send for some singers who can help us mourn our loss.

Tell them to hurry—

to help us express our loss and lament,

Help us get our tears flowing,

make tearful music of our crying.

Listen to it!

Listen to that torrent of tears out of Zion:

'We're a ruined people,

we're a shamed people!

We've been driven from our homes

and must leave our land!'"

20-21Mourning women! Oh, listen to God's Message!

Open your ears. Take in what he says.

Teach your daughters songs for the dead

and your friends the songs of heartbreak.

Death has climbed in through the window,

broken into our bedrooms.

Children on the playgrounds drop dead,

and young men and women collapse at their games.