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Job 30:9-15

9-15"But now I'm the one they're after,

mistreating me, taunting and mocking.

They abhor me, they abuse me.

How dare those scoundrels—they spit in my face!

Now that God has undone me and left me in a heap,

they hold nothing back. Anything goes.

They come at me from my blind side,

trip me up, then jump on me while I'm down.

They throw every kind of obstacle in my path,

determined to ruin me—

and no one lifts a finger to help me!

They violate my broken body,

trample through the rubble of my ruined life.

Terrors assault me—

my dignity in shreds,

salvation up in smoke.

16-19"And now my life drains out,

as suffering seizes and grips me hard.

Night gnaws at my bones;

the pain never lets up.

I am tied hand and foot, my neck in a noose.

I twist and turn.

Thrown facedown in the muck,

I'm a muddy mess, inside and out.