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Job 32:6-10

6-10This is what Elihu, son of Barakel the Buzite, said:

"I'm a young man,

and you are all old and experienced.

That's why I kept quiet

and held back from joining the discussion.

I kept thinking, 'Experience will tell.

The longer you live, the wiser you become.'

But I see I was wrong—it's God's Spirit in a person,

the breath of the Almighty One, that makes wise human insight possible.

The experts have no corner on wisdom;

getting old doesn't guarantee good sense.

So I've decided to speak up. Listen well!

I'm going to tell you exactly what I think.

11-14"I hung on your words while you spoke,

listened carefully to your arguments.

While you searched for the right words,

I was all ears.

And now what have you proved? Nothing.

Nothing you say has even touched Job.

And don't excuse yourselves by saying, 'We've done our best.

Now it's up to God to talk sense into him.'

Job has yet to contend with me.

And rest assured, I won't be using your arguments!