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Job 34:1-4

Elihu's Second Speech

It's Impossible for God to Do Evil

1-4Elihu continued: "So, my fine friends—listen to me,

and see what you think of this.

Isn't it just common sense—

as common as the sense of taste—

To put our heads together

and figure out what's going on here?

5-9"We've all heard Job say, 'I'm in the right,

but God won't give me a fair trial.

When I defend myself, I'm called a liar to my face.

I've done nothing wrong, and I get punished anyway.'

Have you ever heard anything to beat this?

Does nothing faze this man Job?

Do you think he's spent too much time in bad company,

hanging out with the wrong crowd,

So that now he's parroting their line:

'It doesn't pay to try to please God'?