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Joel 1:8-10

8-10Weep like a young virgin dressed in black,

mourning the loss of her fiancé.

Without grain and grapes,

worship has been brought to a standstill

in the Sanctuary of God.

The priests are at a loss.

God's ministers don't know what to do.

The fields are sterile.

The very ground grieves.

The wheat fields are lifeless,

vineyards dried up, olive oil gone.

11-12Dirt farmers, despair!

Grape growers, wring your hands!

Lament the loss of wheat and barley.

All crops have failed.

Vineyards dried up,

fig trees withered,

Pomegranates, date palms, and apple trees—

deadwood everywhere!

And joy is dried up and withered

in the hearts of the people.