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Luke 16:10-13

God Sees Behind Appearances

10-13Jesus went on to make these comments:

If you're honest in small things,

you'll be honest in big things;

If you're a crook in small things,

you'll be a crook in big things.

If you're not honest in small jobs,

who will put you in charge of the store?

No worker can serve two bosses:

He'll either hate the first and love the second

Or adore the first and despise the second.

You can't serve both God and the Bank.

14-18When the Pharisees, a money-obsessed bunch, heard him say these things, they rolled their eyes, dismissing him as hopelessly out of touch. So Jesus spoke to them: "You are masters at making yourselves look good in front of others, but God knows what's behind the appearance.

What society sees and calls monumental,

God sees through and calls monstrous.

God's Law and the Prophets climaxed in John;

Now it's all kingdom of God—the glad news

and compelling invitation to every man and woman.

The sky will disintegrate and the earth dissolve

before a single letter of God's Law wears out.

Using the legalities of divorce

as a cover for lust is adultery;

Using the legalities of marriage

as a cover for lust is adultery.