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Nahum 3:1-4

Let the Nations Get Their Fill of the Ugly Truth

1-4Doom to Murder City— full of lies, bursting with loot, addicted to violence!

Horns blaring, wheels clattering,

horses rearing, chariots lurching,

Horsemen galloping,

brandishing swords and spears,

Dead bodies rotting in the street,

corpses stacked like cordwood,

Bodies in every gutter and alley,

clogging every intersection!

And whores! Whores without end!

Whore City,

Fatally seductive, you're the Witch of Seduction,

luring nations to their ruin with your evil spells.

5-7"I'm your enemy, Whore Nineveh—

I, God-of-the-Angel-Armies!

I'll strip you of your seductive silk robes

and expose you on the world stage.

I'll let the nations get their fill of the ugly truth

of who you really are and have been all along.

I'll pelt you with dog dung

and place you on a pedestal: 'Slut on Exhibit.'

Everyone who sees you will gag and say,

'Nineveh's a pigsty:

What on earth did we ever see in her?

Who would give her a second look? Ugh!'"