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Nehemiah 9:24-25

24-25Well, they entered all right,

they took it and settled in. The Canaanites who lived there

you brought to their knees before them. You turned over their land, kings, and peoples

to do with as they pleased. They took strong cities and fertile fields,

they took over well-furnished houses, Cisterns, vineyards, olive groves,

and lush, extensive orchards. And they ate, grew fat on the fat of the land;

they reveled in your bountiful goodness.

26-31But then they mutinied, rebelled against you,

threw out your laws and killed your prophets, The very prophets who tried to get them back on your side—

and then things went from bad to worse. You turned them over to their enemies,

who made life rough for them. But when they called out for help in their troubles

you listened from heaven; And in keeping with your bottomless compassion

you gave them saviors: Saviors who saved them

from the cruel abuse of their enemies. But as soon as they had it easy again

they were right back at it—more evil. So you turned away and left them again to their fate,

to the enemies who came right back. They cried out to you again; in your great compassion

you heard and helped them again.

This went on over and over and over. You warned them to return to your Revelation,

they responded with haughty arrogance: They flouted your commands, spurned your rules

—the very words by which men and women live! They set their jaws in defiance,

they turned their backs on you and didn't listen. You put up with them year after year

and warned them by your spirit through your prophets; But when they refused to listen

you abandoned them to foreigners. Still, because of your great compassion,

you didn't make a total end to them. You didn't walk out and leave them for good;

yes, you are a God of grace and compassion.