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Psalm 106:13-18

13-18But it wasn't long before they forgot the whole thing,

wouldn't wait to be told what to do.

They only cared about pleasing themselves in that desert,

provoked God with their insistent demands.

He gave them exactly what they asked for—

but along with it they got an empty heart.

One day in camp some grew jealous of Moses,

also of Aaron, holy priest of God.

The ground opened and swallowed Dathan,

then buried Abiram's gang.

Fire flared against that rebel crew

and torched them to a cinder.

19-22They cast in metal a bull calf at Horeb

and worshiped the statue they'd made.

They traded the Glory

for a cheap piece of sculpture—a grass-chewing bull!

They forgot God, their very own Savior,

who turned things around in Egypt,

Who created a world of wonders in the Land of Ham,

who gave that stunning performance at the Red Sea.