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Psalm 106:23-27

23-27Fed up, God decided to get rid of them—

and except for Moses, his chosen, he would have.

But Moses stood in the gap and deflected God's anger,

prevented it from destroying them utterly.

They went on to reject the Blessed Land,

didn't believe a word of what God promised.

They found fault with the life they had

and turned a deaf ear to God's voice.

Exasperated, God swore

that he'd lay them low in the desert,

Scattering their children hither and yon,

strewing them all over the earth.

28-31Then they linked up with Baal Peor,

attending funeral banquets and eating idol food.

That made God so angry

that a plague spread through their ranks;

Phinehas stood up and pled their case

and the plague was stopped.

This was counted to his credit;

his descendants will never forget it.