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Psalm 119:121-128

121-128I stood up for justice and the right;

don't leave me to the mercy of my oppressors.

Take the side of your servant, good God;

don't let the godless take advantage of me.

I can't keep my eyes open any longer, waiting for you

to keep your promise to set everything right.

Let your love dictate how you deal with me;

teach me from your textbook on life.

I'm your servant—help me understand what that means,

the inner meaning of your instructions.

It's time to act, God;

they've made a shambles of your revelation!

Yea-Saying God, I love what you command,

I love it better than gold and gemstones;

Yea-Saying God, I honor everything you tell me,

I despise every deceitful detour.

129-136Every word you give me is a miracle word—

how could I help but obey?

Break open your words, let the light shine out,

let ordinary people see the meaning.

Mouth open and panting,

I wanted your commands more than anything.

Turn my way, look kindly on me,

as you always do to those who personally love you.

Steady my steps with your Word of promise

so nothing malign gets the better of me.

Rescue me from the grip of bad men and women

so I can live life your way.

Smile on me, your servant;

teach me the right way to live.

I cry rivers of tears

because nobody's living by your book!