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Song of Songs 4:1-5

The Man

1-5You're so beautiful, my darling, so beautiful, and your dove eyes are veiled

By your hair as it flows and shimmers,

like a flock of goats in the distance

streaming down a hillside in the sunshine.

Your smile is generous and full—

expressive and strong and clean.

Your lips are jewel red,

your mouth elegant and inviting,

your veiled cheeks soft and radiant.

The smooth, lithe lines of your neck

command notice—all heads turn in awe and admiration!

Your breasts are like fawns,

twins of a gazelle, grazing among the first spring flowers.

6-7The sweet, fragrant curves of your body,

the soft, spiced contours of your flesh

Invite me, and I come. I stay

until dawn breathes its light and night slips away.

You're beautiful from head to toe, my dear love,

beautiful beyond compare, absolutely flawless.