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Sirach (Ecclesiasticus) 37:11

11Chamoo gow coyrle jeh ben, mychione ecksh t’ee geadagh mo-ee: chamoo jeh’n fer faittagh, ayns cooishyn caggee: ny jeh marchan, mychione marchantys; ny jeh kionneyder, mychione creck: ny jeh trooagh, mychione thurn-mie; ny jeh yn neu-vyghinagh, mychione kenjallys; ny jeh litcher, son monney erbee dy obbyr; ny jeh labbree-laa, son obbyr bleeaney; ny jeh litcher dy harvaant, mychione tarrooghys: da nyn lheid shoh ny cur geill ayns monney erbee dy choyrle.

Yn Apocrypha 1772

© Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge (SPCK) under licence to the British and Foreign Bible Society (BFBS) 2017

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