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Laj Lim Tswvyim 9:2

2Ib lub khuab poob rau sawvdaws ib yam nkaus, poob rau cov uas ncaj ncees thiab cov uas tsis ncaj, poob rau cov uas zoo thiab cov uas phem, poob rau cov uas dawb huv thiab cov uas qias, poob rau cov muab tsiaj xyeem thiab cov uas tsis xyeem. Poob rau cov neeg zoo li cas, kuj poob rau cov neeg muaj txim li ntawd, poob rau cov uas cog lus twv li cas, kuj poob rau cov uas tsis cog lus twv li ntawd.

Vajtswv Txojlus - lus Hmoob Dawb - txhais tshiab xyoo 2004

Text Copyright © 2004 Thailand Bible Society

Quotations of the White Hmong Holy Bible Standard Version, in any form, must obtain written permission from Thailand Bible Society if the quoted material is inclusive of at least 1,000 verses, or a copy of any book wholly or partially which amounts to 50 percent of the book quoted. For any long quotation, notice of copyright must appear as follows: Text Copyright © 2004 Thailand Bible Society. Used by permission.

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