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MARK 13:12

12Naa tama ma ki hookii naa tino taaina laatou ki taaia ki mmate. Naa tammana ma ki mee peenaa hoki ki naa tamalliki laatou. Naa tamalliki ma ki ffuri no hakatauttau ma naa maatua laatou, aa ki oti ku kauake naa maatua laatou raa ki naa tama ki taaia ki mmate.

Na Taratara TeAtua i naa taratara Takuu

Copyright © 2009 Translation Committee of Takuu, Mortlock Community

Language: Takuu

Translation by: Translation Committee of Takuu, Mortlock Community

Contributor: Isles of the Sea

This translation is made available to you under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-no derivatives license.

You may share and redistribute this Bible translation or extracts from it in any format, provided that:

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